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  • Brightwell Aquatics Brightwell NeoPhos

Brightwell NeoPhos

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Balanced Phosphorus source for Phosphorus-limited, low-nutrient reef aquariums.

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  • Used in conjunction with MICROBACTER7 and REEF BIOFUEL or KATALYST, enables natural nitrogen uptake to take place in systems with inadequate phosphorus content, lowering ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate concentrations without the use of chemical filtration media and without resorting to polluting the system with organic material to raise the phosphorus content.
  • Recommended for use by advanced reef aquarists maintaining ultra-low nutrient content systems, only.
  • May be used with MICROBACTER7, REEF BIOFUEL and/or KATALYST, and NEONITRO to achieve desired nutrient content in reef aquaria for improved health and coloration of inhabitants.



Shake product well before using. Do not overdose. Results will be most significant when the system is being dosed with MICROBACTER7 on a daily or bi-daily basis.

1. Using accurate test kits or calibrated digital testing devices, determine phosphate and nitrate concentrations in the system. It is assumed that the phosphate concentration in the system is below detectable limits for the testing method being employed.

2. Apply NEOPHOS as directed below to attain a phosphate concentration of ~0.02 ppm.

3. Allow 24-hours to elapse; re-test nitrate and phosphate concentrations. If concentrations remain unchanged, then the system is likely carbon-limited. Dose with REEF BIOFUEL at the rate of 1-ml per 25 US-gallons and allow 24-hours to elapse, then re-test phosphate and nitrate concentrations. Continue daily dosing with REEF BIOFUEL until phosphate or nitrate concentrations begin to decrease, indicating that the rate of carbon input to the system
matches the rate of phosphorus- or nitrogen-input, respectively.

4. If nitrate concentration decreases without the addition of REEF BIOFUEL or the use of KATALYST, phosphate concentration in the system will decrease. Continue dosing with NEOPHOS to maintain phosphate concentration
of ~0.01 - 0.02 ppm until nitrate concentration falls to within desired range (suggested 3 - 5 ppm). Thereafter, dose with NEOPHOS as required to maintain desired phosphate and nitrate concentrations.

Note: If at any time, dosing with NEOPHOS results in a prolonged increase of phosphate concentration without gradual decrease as nitrate is taken up, the system is likely carbon-limited (remedied by the application of REEF BIOFUEL or KATALYST to the system). 

There has been more than one strength of NEOPHOS that has been sold, so please refer to the number of gallons treated on the bottle.


CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.



Purified water, proprietary phosphorus salts.