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About B.F.R.

How Benson's Fish Room

Got Started


Ryan, owner of Benson's Fish Room was introduced to the aquarium hobby during his teenage years. In his early 20s, Ryan and his father Frank became the owners of Benson's Pet Center. After years of building the pet stores up, it was time to refocus on what gave Benson's its start, FISH! Over the last 10 years, Ryan has revitalized the fish rooms in all of his pet store locations and helped to grow the hobby immensely in New York's Capital Region. In 2019, it was finally time to open a store exclusively for the fish hobbyist in all of us, Benson's Fish Room. With the introduction of marine fish and corals into BFR's repertoire, we have also added a coral and frag store, Benson's Frag Rack


Check out a more in-depth history, straight from Ryan!